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I wanted to start a similar thread awhile back and at the time I thought I had come to some realizations that I might want to share, but in the past few months I feel like I am almost back to square one. I find myself questioning my basic beliefs that questioning everything and searching for the truth is the way, when really it has become an endless and tiring maze. That's not to say I haven't gained some very valuable info along the way, but it's like the journey to awakening has become a distraction in and of itself. So now I think I may take maybe a different route to thinking and try looking at the knowledge I have gathered from a different angle. I guess if I were to offer any advice or thoughts to someone who is just starting their journey I would let them know that things don't get easier, they get harder. Be ready to give up the comfort of living unconsciously and accepting life at face value. You may gain some beautiful insights along the way, but when you are sticking your nose in places where you are not welcome you need to be aware that there will be resistance.

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