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Originally Posted by ag3nt5mith View Post
Now will you give other people the right to decline the vaccines?

Would you like a GMO banana vaccine?

Vaccine in GM fruit could wipe out hepatitis B:

Tomatoes and bananas genetically modified to contain hepatitis B vaccine could rid the world of the virus, a leading American scientist said in London yesterday.

The virus, which causes high fever and attacks the liver, is a precursor of liver cancer, the biggest single cause of cancer deaths. This new development will save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, said Charles Arntzen, the scientist who developed the technology.

The breakthrough in producing a cheap, stable vaccine by genetically modifying plants became biology's holy grail in the 1990s, and is seen by the US bio-tech industry as its vindication and public relations saviour. Plant vaccines will be a billion-dollar business, said Professor Arntzen, who leads a team of the world's top plant scientists at Cornell University in New York state.

Successful experiments show that the vaccine worked, he added, and will cost less than one penny a dose to make. A single gene transferred into a tomato or banana plant is reproduced as a protein thousands of times inside the fruit. When eaten it passes into the intestine and then into the blood stream producing antibodies against hepatitis B - working the same way as a traditionally injected but much more expensive vaccine.

A single dried banana chip or tomato paste sandwiched in a wafer contains enough protein to act as a vaccine dose. Traditional vaccines have to be refrigerated and cost £10 for a successful course, making them too expensive for developing countries where hepatitis B kills many people directly and causes the death of many more through subsequent cancer.

Prof Arntzen, who is director of the Boyce Thompson institute for plant research at Cornell, has been visiting his opposite numbers at Britain's top plant research laboratory, the John Innis institute attached to Norwich University.

Talking to scientists at the US embassy in London, he said it was the most exciting area of biological science and that 40 new vaccines being worked on worldwide opened the possibility of eradicating some diseases altogether.

His institute was founded by a high-ranking Salvation Army officer in the 1920s to expand human understanding of plants and to enhance their benefits to humankind. It was for this altruistic reason that its scientists had tried to produce cheap vaccines from plants that would benefit millions of people in the developing world who could not afford western medicine.

"We have rid the world of smallpox through vaccination, we are close with polio. Now I believe we can do it with hepatitis B too," Prof Arntzen said.

His experimenting began in the 1990s with e-coli antibodies being genetically introduced into potatoes and fed to mice. A small quantity of uncooked potato was enough to produce antibodies in mice. Three clinical trials on human volunteers produced the same results but it did not work in cooked potatoes because the antibodies producing proteins were too unstable.

However, when the technology was used for hepatitis B using tomatoes, the proteins remained stable, allowing the vaccine to work even in processed or dried tomatoes. Thirty original plants, producing 15lb of tomatoes a week, were enough to produce thousands of doses of effective vaccine at one cent per four doses.

The vaccine has been held back because the US department of agriculture and the food and drug administration had no licensing mechanism for plant vaccines. "They are working on it and hope to have something up and running in two years," said Prof Arntzen.


Or how about one from Mcdonalds?

Would you like a side of hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal? As it turns out, your child may just be able to receive a number of significant vaccinations at your local McDonald’s on behalf of the Department of Public Health.

I was just as shocked as you are when I heard news from an email tip that one reader’s local McDonald’s was launching a ‘free vaccination’ program alongside their fast food marketing campaign, and I was reasonably skeptical that even McDonald’s would launch such a strange combination. Especially when we consider the extreme financial downfall that the company is experiencing as millions abandon their fake food amid public knowledge over the true extent of their synthetic ingredient list.

As it turns out, however, numerous Texas newspapers and outlets have documented the ‘free McDonald’s vaccine’ events that have popped up in Amarillo. It was, and is, very real. details the event that first occurred years ago, writing:

“The city of Amarillo’s Department of Public Health and the Caring for Children Foundation of Texas will offer free vaccinations for children from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at McDonald’s restaurant, 1815 S. Grand St.

The vaccinations will include meningococcal vaccine, which is required for seventh- and eighth-graders and for college students residing in campus housing; the varicella vaccine, which is required for kindergarten and first grade and for seventh- and eighth-graders; the Tdap vaccine booster required for seventh- and eighth-graders; MMR vaccine for kindergarten and first grade; and hepatitis A, required for kindergarten and first grade.

Parents and guardians are asked to bring immunization records, and children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

And that is one of the older reports detailing the events. There is not much press coverage on the programs that are reportedly being rolled out in 2015. Various sites have already been reporting on the new McDonald’s vaccine campaigns that readers say are popping up around the Amarillo area.

Would you get your child a round of booster shots with your next Happy Meal?


The CDC, FDA & NIH have engaged in fraud to cover up the Autism link.

Wakefield is innocent & his work stands.

You are pushing a lie.

We see you for what you are here.

You're driving an agenda based on fear & manipulation.

You are part of the Safe & effective PR hoax.

Who do you work for?
I wouldn't be seen dead in Mcdonalds which exploits their workers, the animals and destroys the environment

''The CDC, FDA & NIH have engaged in fraud to cover up the Autism link''. No they haven't as there is no evidence to back this claim up

''Wakefield is innocent & his work stands''. He was struck off and his paper retracted for a start

''You are pushing a lie''. What lie would that be?

''We see you for what you are here''. I am anti woo and pseudoscience

''You're driving an agenda based on fear & manipulation''. What agenda is that?. Also how am I pushing fear & manipulation?

''You are part of the Safe & effective PR hoax''. This is not a hoax. There is a scientific consensus

''Who do you work for?''. I don't work for pharma nor government. Nor do I get paid for my time on the Internet
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