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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Yeah me too.
I detect a tone of scepticism !!This is not rocket science ...

All you need to do is pulse light at the right frequency ... (switch it on and off fast)

They can do this using a TV as the light source ....

"Japanese cartoon triggers seizures in hundreds of children

December 17, 1997
Web posted at: 4:15 a.m. EST (0915 GMT)
TOKYO (CNN) -- The bright flashing lights of a popular TV cartoon became a serious matter Tuesday evening, when they triggered seizures in hundreds of Japanese children..... at least 618 children had suffered convulsions, vomiting, irritated eyes, and other symptoms after watching "Pokemon."...."

The above incident was caused by a frequency that triggers seizures (perhaps a genuine mistake by the cartoon maker) ..probably affected only those very close to the TV.

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