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Originally Posted by eternal_spirit View Post
This is the real understanding and knowledge that the Illuminati & Co.
want to keep hidden - or if it is released - ridiculed.

Sadly, no more so than on this forum with all the illuminati's
unconscious agents here


This is what's promoted by the IIlluminati agents such as M Tsarion. You really believe they'd let such info slip out into the hands of the public? NO, this stuff is promoted to brainwash and confuse us not set us free. Do some research.
Your attempts to debunk the whole spiritual angle and consciousness truth, especially with a name like "Eternal Spirit" is beginning to make me wonder what you're REALLY up to here?

Why can't you let people discern for themselves what they want to believe in? Why are you trying to steer people away from the spiritual angle? How can you be so sure that this is confusing people? Just because YOU'RE confused, doesn't mean that everyone is confused. Some people are actually able to grasp this information and grow from it.

Why be selfish about it? If you don't grasp it, why spoil it for everyone else?

If you want to "debunk" this information, please start your own thread, or ask a mod to split it, but please don't use this thread as your personal battleground for whatever agenda you're trying to push.

Thank you.

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