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Exclamation Consciousness changes your DNA and REALITY

A lot of gems in that video, but the thing that struck me the most was what Tsarion says at 4:13, "...consciousness changes your DNA...consciousness changes reality...consciousness changes biology..."

Our DNA doesn't define us. WE define our DNA! It's up to us, each person individually. It's a do-it-yourself affair.

We create our reality, and this includes our biology. Consciousness is infinitely capable of anything.

It makes perfect sense!

Eliphas Levi (February 8, 1810 - May 31, 1875): Three fundamental principles of magic;

That the material universe is only a small part of total reality, which includes many other planes and modes of consciousness. Full knowledge and full power in the universe are only attainable through awareness of these other aspects of reality. One of the most important of these levels or aspects of reality is the "astral light", a cosmic fluid which may be molded by will into physical forms.

That human willpower is a real force, capable of achieving absolutely anything, from the mundane to the miraculous.

That the human being is a microcosm, a miniature of the macrocosmic universe, and the two are fundamentally linked. Causes set in motion on one level may equally have effects on another.


For those of you that are struggling to understand that you CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY via your CONSCIOUSNESS, please go over the above information very carefully. Once you've watch the videos, and connected the dots, maybe then you'll understand why the only way to win the battle against the Illuminati is with fine-tuned consciousness and NOT sitting around discussing them for another thousand years.

If you still refuse to grasp this concept, please show some respect to those of us that do. Please refrain from judging us through your biased filters and calling US self-righteous and insulting.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

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