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A&E 911 Truth are continually growing in strength and people globally are continually breaking out of their false programmed reality and waking up to the reality of the False Flag event of 9/11. In just 4 days, 10 more "Professional Architects/Engineers" have signed the petition and another 18 "Other Supporters" bringing the current totals now to:

1830 verified Architects/Engineers and 16,807 other supporters

Building Architects are trained and qualified in designing buildings. Its what they do for a living and it takes courage for them to stand up and talk knowing that they will be on the receiving end of attacks and ridicule and may even lose their job or get threats to their well being. People will go a long way to protect programmed realities and belief systems. If even one Building Architect or Engineer has concerns about what occurred on 9/11, then it should be taken very seriously. They are taken seriously about everything else if it has nothing to do with 9/11.

There are 1830 of them advising the public that the Official Narrative of 9/11 is not only a lie but completely impossible. The day will come when the attacks and ridicule will stop and the Truth about what happened that day will come out and these guys will then get the respect and appreciation that they deserve for their unconditional efforts in support of truth and justice for humanity.
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