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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Fairyprincess got me thinking about this in another thread by observing that a 2-D diagram on a sheet of paper isn't really 2-D, because of the 3-D nature of the paper.

Sheet of paper under electron microscope:

A right angle drawn on such a surface is ink saturating a 3-Dimensional landscape, and is only a mental representation of 2-Dimensional reality in a 3-Dimensional one.

The same could be said of a 2-D shape rendered on a computer screen.
Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Even my handsome 2-D self is going about his business right now, sliced in any which way you please on the 2-D plane as he stares at the laptop screen:

Can both of those statements coexist? A slice, with any modicum of depth, is still 3D. I put forward the only true 2D example is a shadow. Do light particles have depth? Ergo, do shadows have consciousness such as your hypothesis?


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