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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Really? You didn't get it?

Five variable time lines for fourth.
Six switchability from one time line to the next.
Seven broadens out to all possible timelines that could ever have existed - infinity.
Eight is all the different infinities from different conditions.
Nine is the connection between different infinities.
Ten all branches, all universes, all infinities.

If I wave my hand in the air, that action is also being expressed in every other dimension simultaneously, in the same way that a square is a cube is a tesseract etc.

Above: Me manifesting in different dimensions

Even my handsome 2-D self is going about his business right now, sliced in any which way you please on the 2-D plane as he stares at the laptop screen:

There's no actual division between 2-D Sol and 3-D Sol etc; they are all the same assclown seen from different perspectives.

So why would consciousness be an exclusive property of our third dimension?

The obvious answer is that it isn't, which means that all my dimensional expressions up to the tenth level of infinity are conscious.

This is such a simple and straightforward point to see and understand that I don't know how any theoretical physicist would even attempt to refute it.

Yet here we are with the Brian Coxes and the Richard Dawkins of the world, feigning sincerity as they brainwash impressionable young people into believing they're nothing but 'lumbering robots', that consciousness is only an epiphenomenon of the brain and that there is no future for them after death.

It winds me up.

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