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Originally Posted by jeremy taylor View Post
Hi folks! First time on the site so I apologise if this is a bit off topic and don't want to annoy but can anyone explain this to me please? Around 18months ago I had a routine appt with my shrink a new drug was suggested,I concurred but a blood test was needed first. Ok no problem but as soon as i went in to have the sample taken 2 burly male nurses walked in acting like bouncers. We are just giving you a flu shot the nurse said,I asked if it was swineflu vaccine,no,is it tamiflu? Again no. I felt highly intimidated and thought refusing might be a very bad idea and let the nurse inject me. I was fairly fat and the sample was taken with difficulty yet this injection was just under the skin on the inside of my upper right arm and took barely 2 seconds. Immediately the 2 male nurses walked out. I must stress I have never been aggressive or difficult with anyone I was simply depressed then. I raised the matter with my GP but he didn't really believe me as there is no record of that shot! I contacted the clinic again no record. There is an oval lump around 1.5cm in that placed. Please does anyone have a clue what's happened?
Dont microchips show up on X-rays? I think they do.
I know you posted this a while ago but if I were in your shoes I would go to my GP and tell him your upper arm is hurting really bad and could you have an X-ray, when you have the x ray ask if you can see it.If you cant get your doctor to comply and you can afford it go to a private practice.Dont tell anyone you think you have been microchipped though. If you can get your evidence then you will have a good case and you can start making a fuss.You should go and see your MP too. I dunno maybe this is a naive answer but I do know I wouldnt just leave it at that
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