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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Einstein never "proved" that light is attracted by mass or how this follows from his silly "theory of relativity".

G. Burniston Brown showed in 1967, that the "thought experiment" that Einstein invented to show that according to the "theory of relativity" gravition changes the direction of light is complete nonsense.

You should look a little further than simply believing all of the state propaganda!
It seems to be well accepted and observed that the sun does bend light from stars ....
As I said 90% of the work attributed to einstien has to be correct or it would quickly fall ....

@ thermion ...well of course all the 'free energy' devices fail to work ... the secret government confiscates anything that works , and leaves all the rubbish alone and you can see it all on Youtube ....

But you may remember why I smelt a rat with einstien in the first place ...

He was born with a swollen disfigured head , exhibited violent uncontrolled outbursts as a child

He was regarded as retarded by his teachers ...

Flunked the entrance exam to Zurich Polytechnic and ended up as a clerk ....

Never taught or mentored students ...

never lectured ...

any recordings of him he is reading from a prepared page and appears slow witted !!

reportedly fathered a retarded child

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