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Originally Posted by The God Particle View Post
Lol you're delusional and consider me stupid...
I wouldn't say stupid , just not fully informed on refrigeration and basic physics ...

I'm always getting up peoples noses ( have you noticed?) They don't like being corrected , they're not primarily after truth... more concerned with being proved right ... So most hate know it alls like me...

Me ...I love em .... that's why I was so happy to find Mr Bartzis ... Mr B is the ultimate know it all .... everything he says comes with a 100% guarantee of being true !!!

Makes life so much easier .... You would think so...

But the game then changes from finding out what the truth is ... to digesting and understanding it all . Reality , as presented by Mr B is so mind blowingly complex , assimilating all the information is a full time job .... but still, he does make life so much easier ....

Here he is ... the Great Galactic Historian (Mr B) at his best
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