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This is good. Although, it has taken TOO LONG to get to this point.
5 years has been long enough to see the effects of a Tory government spread to local areas.

Particularly in Bristol i have noticed it (living here), and much worse for neglected areas like the North or constituencies where the ConDems have no chance at swinging a vote.

You only need to walk down several streets to see the neglect of Tory policy on local communities. Anywhere with shrubbery classed as public land, like footpaths or small open areas are overgrown like jungles. The councils have had all their funding essentially stopped. Grass is overgrown to the point it had just aswell be called a forest, and thorns are hanging over pathways everywhere. Cycles tracks obstructed with bushes taking up the entire width of the path, etc.

Litter is flying about everywhere, because many councils have no funding to clean it up. i can leave my house now, walk 200meters up the road and i'll be greeted with at least 20 bags of McDonalds and starbucks cups flying around the roads.

It's vile.

I have never seen Bristol in such a state as this before. I imagine it's much worse in more neglected areas too.

It takes this for people to realise. Many might not be disabled or have disabled relatives and friends, so they won't be very empathetic towards the cuts and abuse on disabled people handed out by Ian Duncan-Nazi Smith. Same goes for older generations who only care about their pensions and not youth employment or services like youth clubs or skateparks.

It really hits home for everyone when you see Britain turning into a giant waste-tip. Unfortunately, it's gone an entire term already, and the Torys have already done their damage. It's too late, but still better late than never. It's almost a case of "first they came for..... then they came for me". People only speak out with protest when it directly effects them.

I really hope they go do one, and are punished for destroying the economy and the environment. Lets hope more people wake up to the whole 2 party mockery of politics aswell. Voting labour or libdem as a protest to Tory scum is not an option, if you're going to vote, we have to vote for what we believe in and the things we stand by.

If you support the Greens policies, vote for them. Don't vote labour just because you don't like Tories. It's insanity! There's always the argument of the illusion of choice in democracy, but trying isn't a waste of time.

There's a huge reason why parties such as the Greens are silenced from the Media when it comes to debates.

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