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Took a nap and just woke up from a fun lucid dream so thought I would share it.

Managed to have a stellar lucid dream. I started by using a technique where I start throwing rocks at a door. The goal is to let the mind focus on the door, and the audible sounds of the rocks hitting it. As my body started to fall asleep, the sounds of the rocks became audible. The dream started to form so that I was walking on a bed of rocks and was bending over to pick them up.

The door became the outside door of a house and I saw a fence, I threw a couple at the fence and realized that I was now in a fully functioning dream and fully conscious that I was dreaming. I walked out from around the house and saw my car parked. I walked up to it and touched the roof, it felt perfectly solid and real.

The landscape was perfect, I could see the road, the sky and affirmed that I was indeed in a dream, not actaully walking outside my house physically although the realism of the dream was so detailed that one would think they were actually awake walking around.

I decided to go for a walk and think about what I wanted to do with the dream. There was a lady walking a dog and her dog ran up to me. She said he was friendly and that he wouldn't bite. I pet the dog on the head and send a burst of loving energy from my hand to the dog which it responded to happily.

"I am awake, and I am dreaming." I said out loud to further affirm my lucidity. Then I took a moment to check if I was fully conscious and not just partly aware that I was dreaming. After a systems-check and confirmation that I was indeed fully focused in the dream I walked further thinking about what I wanted to experience.

I decided that flying would be fun, I had walked up near a mountain range where I could leap of the mountain over a valley. It was so real in appearance that in a way it was like a leap of faith as I certainly wouldn't want to do this in my body in real life. Sure enough, I started to fly and it felt utterly fantastic. As I flew, I could see the mountain range pass and I sped up until I came upon a mountain range that had parts of an ocean surrounding it.

The ocean was a beautiful tropical blue color and the mountains had a very distinctive set of sediment rings almost like a coral snake near the peaks. They were so beautiful and perfectly rendered. I tried to see just how fast I could fly and sped up to very rapid speed so that the ground was just a blur beneath me. It was like being my own jet-plane travelling at ultra-high speeds until I decided to stop and landed on a pier.

I thought it would be fun to go to the Monroe Institute as they have lots of people trying to go out-of-body so I focused on that as a goal. I phased into an office area and there were some people in the lobby area on massage tables having energy work done by other people.

An elderly man with a white short boxed beard greeted me, he said he didn't remember my name and I introduced myself. It didn't look like the Monroe Institute so I reasoned that I had approximated what it would be and had created this approximation. Never-the-less it was very interesting and had a very nice energy to the place.

This East Indian couple came out dressed in very colourful clothes and jewellery. The man had a dark beard, a little on the heavy side in the face and wore a turban. I said hi to them and the smiled and greeted me. Again I decided to check on my level of lucidity and re-affirm that I was dreaming.

There was a flight of stairs to the left of the lobby and it lead to a cafeteria, I decided to go up there and have a coffee. At that moment it was just the person behind the counter but a group of people came up the stairs behind me and I decided to let them go first.

This lady asked me if I was attending the Gateway experience as she was learning to go out-of-body and it was her second time through the course. I told her that I would love to attend it but was actually already in a non-physical dream. "We are already in a non-physical focus state, this is a dream", I told her.

She looked surprised and I told her I was just going along with the flow. She took a tray of food and went to sit down, I took a coffee and followed her and we sat at a table. More people joined us. There was a young man who say with us and I told him that we were really not in some cafeteria, rather we were in a very detailed dream.

He knocked on the table and felt it. "This can't be a dream, the table is solid. This is real" he told me.

I put my hand on the table and felt it. "Dreams can create very real details which mimic reality. Feeling physicality in a dream is common. You have to really be aware that the dream-world around you is actually just a type of non-verbal communication, this is all a language and thought." I told him. "I'll prove it to you..."

I stood up and walked to the end of the caffiteria, there were several people now seated at various tables and I announced, "May I have your attention please. You are not in a physical realtiy, this is a non-physical reality otherwise known as a dream. Please take some time to realize that this is a dream."

People looked at me kind in disbelief. "I realize it's hard to come to such an awareness but try to remember how you got here in the first place. What events lead to your being here, or did you just suddenly find yourself at this place?"

People started to think about it and soon many of them started realizing that they too were dreaming. This one person came up to me and said, "I can't believe it, you are right. This really is a dream."

"I know, isn't it amazing. What an achievement to create such a perfectly real seeming reality."

I walked over to the cook behind the counter and told him to relax and stop trying to serve people. "Take a break and come join us, you don't have to go through the motions of working."

He wasn't convinced that it was a dream. There was a rack of rotisserie chicken and I told him "Look, this chicken you've been preparing is not really chicken, sure it smells like it." and I break a leg off and show him the piece. "It probably tastes delicious." and I take a bite, it was hot and full of flavour, tasted so good in fact I was shocked at just how good it was.

"Actually, this chicken is really damn good but it's not really chicken, it's just organized thought in the form of chicken." I tell him. "Doesn't make it any less real tasting I mean... it tastes like chicken!" I joke.

He laughs at me. "You really think this is a dream?" he asks.

"Absolutely, not that I am complaining it's very fun to be here. I'm loving the realism, the virtual nature of it. How can you not love a dream as rich as real as this?" I ask.

He decides to join the group of people who were now all discussing the fact that they may actually be in a dream-world. The first young man who joined me at the table came up and was very excited to discuss dreaming with me. "Who are you, what's your name." he asks.

I tell him my internet monkier, "Call me YouAreDreaming. And google it if you remember it if you are real and wake up." I tell him a few more times.

The lady that I first spoke with was very excited, bein in a dream and realizing she was dreaming was everything she wanted. "Thank-you so much for helping me realize that I am dreaming. This is so amazing, it's so wonderful to be here."

She has this wonderful look of joy, love and appreciation on her face. "Hey, it's fun to help out. Makes me really wonder if you are really here or just a dream character. I have no way to tell but I am always open to the possibility that everyone here is participating in this dream and are really other dreamers such as myself."

She thinks about that, "You are right. How do we know if someone is really here or just a dream character?"

"I don't know, I don't recognize anyone here form my waking life. You are all strangers to me, this is our first time meeting. I would have to meet you in waking life I suppose to validate, but it doesn't really matter to me. Just being here hanging out and participating in this fun experiment is worth it's weight in gold."

I walk back to the table and sit down, I pick up my hot cup of coffee and smell the rich odor. I take a sip, and it's black coffee which I don't drink in waking life, so a bit bitter but regardless that I am bias to a little cream and sugar, just to re-create perfectly the taste of hot coffee in a dream is wonderful. It's these little details that make dreaming so incredible.

"Do you like the woman you are speaking to?" the young man asks me.

"She's pretty, but I don't like her in that way. I mean, what's the point I'll be waking up soon and she'll just be a memory as will you." I tell him.

"I guess you have a point, I like her too." he tells me.

"Well then stop talking with me and go say hi to her." I tell him as I sip away at my coffee feeling like a grand master in a perfect dreamstate being cool and badass for just being normal. I relax and just enjoy the feelings of being in the dream-state. I can feel how powerful dreams are in creating micro-reality events such as the one that I was experiencing.

It gave me time to really think about being and existing in altered states. I could see how the afterlife could also be this real and detailed. I could also see how the waking world could also be a very grand dream and how many of us would never know because it's our nature to believe the illusionary dream realism as reality.

I started to think about the nature of thought in how dreams are simply advanced thought-forms creating the content of the dream. I look at the cup of coffee in my hand which is also serving both as a focus and an anchor helping me stay grounded in this lucid state of awareness. I tilt the cup and the coffee moves left towards the rim then I tilt it so that it moves right.

The physics are intriguing and the realism undeniable. Had I not set out with full intentions of being conscious, I would have never escaped the trap of thinking the dream was reality. I certainly wouldn't be able to just take the time to enjoy the experience of dreaming first hand.

My time as always is short lived, it was time to wake up and I really didn't want to go. I struggled to stay there but the dream first shifted to a grocery store and I found myself shopping for coffee only to catch myself again and affirm I was dreaming. But the dream shifted again then I found myself in a black void momentarily as I could feel myself waking up.

Soon I could feel myself in my body, centered normally in my head near my eyes and they opened up. I was awake, the adventure had ended but was good enough for me.
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