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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
Wish i could have a greenhouse. I live in a subdivision with rules. My garden is doing ok except for deer eating things at night. I have planted my tomatoes twice already because they got eaten. I started my own elderberry plants last year and they are doing great. If they fruit this year, that will be great next cold and flu season.
It been a good year in the old garden especially for our apple trees, the pear tree never fruited this year and sometimes does this every other year, the damsons were very heavy with fruit so much so the trees were hanging four feet lower than normal.
The blackberries have all been eaten by the blackbirds and the elder are medium laden, so its been a mixed fruiting year.
Our leek path is very good right now and should see us right through the winter for making soups.
This year we have collected a bumper veriaty of seeds for next year and our freezer is bursting with gooseberries and strawberries which have flowered again since cutting them back six weeks ago, this annual haircut encourages them to grow new leaves and to set themselves for next spring.
It will be our local apple week next week where we all gather at the local pub to make a few barrels of cider, I bring my shredder and another guy brings his apple press, should be a dizzy jolly time.
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