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The reason I think that the dates of 11th August, 12th August and 13th August are most likely is because the closing ceremony is on the evening of 12th August. The 7/7 false flag attack was carried out on 7th July 2005 one day after London was declared the host city. There was a great emotional high for the nation one day, not for all I know, followed by a terrible emotional low the following day that surely was felt by all. To my mind, it would fit nicely with how these sick mofos operate to do exactly the same thing again. I don't think they would do anything before the Olympics or during the Olympics. They want the Olympics to be a great success.

The reason I picked the 11th as the most likely date, the night of the 11th I was thinking, is because of the importance of the number 11 to these people. I am not an expert on this subject, but i'm sure many people have realised numerology is used and 11 is significant. So, they could do something on the night of the 11th, after all the sporting events have finished, and then deliver some rehearsed speeches (Gleneagles style) during the closing ceremony. Nagging at me is the doubt of whether they would want a fantastic closing ceremony, with an emotional high, before unleashing something or not. So, that's where the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13 comes into play. If that were the case, then I would suggest the morning of the 13th is more likely than the night of the 12th. Moreover, 13 is an unlucky number and 13.8.12. adds up to 33. It is easy to overdo the numbers game when it comes to analysing stuff, even some of the stuff on this thread seems excessive to me, but this one I can buy. Speculation over.

Does anyone else have an opinion on a possible date or period of time?
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