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Originally Posted by gushen View Post
Shit. Do you know what called my attention the most?

"unity in diversity"

Because it's psyops.

See, you can have diversity in unity (people working together toward a common goal while preserving their differences), but you cannot have "unity in diversity". Diversity is diversity. If you try to unite different cultures their differences will clash. As long as there are differences you cannot simply unite people without offending and/or discarding their cultures. First they have to find a common ground and see each other as equals, and only then they will come together to work as one.

Now, if this world currency is supposed to be the "common ground" that will unite people, then this can only mean that their plan is to have diversity (all people) UNDER their unified monetary system. Therefore, unity in diversity is only when diversity lies UNDER a centralized/unified control system.

Consider this example: a circle, and its center representing unity on the local sense.

The ideal is a circle with its circumference nowhere and its center everywhere. This is diversity in unity: when everyone shares a common purpose (centre is everywhere) but they still maintain their differences (circumference is nowhere). This is freedom

On the other hand, their plan is a circle with its circumference everywhere and its center nowhere. This is unity in diversity:when everyone cannot find a common purpose (centre is nowhere) but still everyone, regardless of their differences, gets rounded up (circumference is everywhere) for a hidden centralized purpose . This is slavery.

The center would be a hidden power, or unified control system extending its tentacles to round everybody up under centralized power. This is slavery masked as the "one world, one currency" bullshit. NWO at its finest.
hi there is logic in thius but what happens lets say if money was totally abolished throughout the whole world and peaple came to gether to work for the good of the whole we all wet out to work to get a frwee life ebolishing higherercy for good everybody gives everybody receives we are already slaves to money we all ways have been until money is abolished and the world comes to gether as free we always will be until all men women nations are equal with no higher then the other we can not be free we need to create a world without money where everybody receives what they need to live a full life without greed the www is our www the connection we all have to eachother the false zionist have hijacked all the can to discredit the most important things ist being a real zion where we are all united as one not run by a few to limit us to just above broke while the masons babalonist lap up lifes luxuries keeping us there through you got it religion the hijacked that by putting jesus on a cross holing one higher then another when in fact real religion is the utmost importance no the fake religion they have infiltrated the real religion and altered it for there own means xxx they have hijacked and the number 11 this is the number of self esteem they are trying to create a low self esteem when a real self esteem is giving yourself to create a high self esteem not for yourself but to another this in tern gives you a higher self esteem they are trying to rob us of all the important things to enslave us all why when we can truly all have what we need in life without anyone being higher then the other free means free not money you cant have freedom with money but you can without we have a lot to teach about patience greed giving and taking before we get there but common lets get there before they win remember Halie selassie's words that until the day comes that all people of all nations are free and not second class citizens there will be war start a campaign for a free world not limited with money just think of what we can heal without this limiter i have written a couple of poems about this on facebook called save the world we are the world and democracy says if the majority will it can be done all we have to teach is greed not to gather more then we need patience in receiving it how to live life right not to cheat the truth they have already hijacked communism to make people think it wont work but pure communism is not giving people a block and we are all the same limited with money while the hierarchy lap it up its like ants do live as a community for the good of the whole the whole being the world the world wide web the real water bearer healing all we can without money don't hold people up on crosses we are all the same unity without money is the key
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