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Arrow Stealth Sea Monster

Nuclear Submarine - Documentary..

April 13, 1962 JFK & SEAL Team 2 in Norfolk ..

Friday -U.S. Secretary of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg met privately in New York City with U.S. Steel Chairman Roger M. Blough, and outlined the steps that the Kennedy administration would take if the steel price increase continued..At 3:05 pm, Kaiser Steel rescinded its price increase, followed by Bethlehem Steel at 3:21 pm. The largest of the companies, U.S. Steel, capitulated at 5:25 pm, followed by Republic Steel (5:57), Pittsburgh Steel (6:26), Jones & Laughlin (6:37), National Steel (7:33) and Youngstown Sheet & Tube (9:09) - Edmond Jouhaud, the second-in-command of the Organisation de l'armée secrète, was sentenced to darth in France.."Jouhaud Gets Da'at Penalty At Paris Trial".. cannot live in isolation from the human race you know, the world is so different in the daylight..In the dark, your fantasies get so out of hand..But in the daylight everything falls back into place again...
__________________ + Aga Khan IV receiving a gift of Trinitite - Get set for Ecky thump..I still shudder when I think about the warrior who came up behind me, and the thwacking he gave me with his pork sword...

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