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Dear David,

We may not agree on this but for discussion and for the purpose of feed the curious minds...

I would like to know your view on so called satan, the lucifer the adversary.
This sounds like a silly question since we know your view on this but my purpose of asking this question is that... if we are infinite beings i.e. part of the Universe, the god outside of the Matrix, then everything the Universe created is inclusive, is it not? Inclusive meaning, including the adversary....everything! And what if these adversary is there to wake us up? It's hard living in a prison for sure but without these difficulties we are up against, we wouldn't have woken up. So by this way of thinking, a sort of bigger view perspective, all is

Like you were saying about junk DNA, we have everything within us. It is the perception which filtres what is good and bad based on the belief which we were given.

Like Yin and Yang, what is good becomes bad. For example, easy life by having everything like money, houses, career can make someone lazy at least spiritually. On the other hand, someone with many difficulties can either sink to the bottom OR rise above it by questioning, seeking knowledge etc. So really, there is no good or evil.

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