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when is he doing this again?

Something Icke can ellaborate more on in his future presentations that I would like to hera about are the use of objects sent out to space such as cds, mp3 players ext..., Can Icke respond on Soviet + Global and global use of sending various objects to space and what could be the meaning of that? We had geko in space, cds, beatles im sure, theres a collection of music plays a major role. Maybe Icke has some good feedback on that will be much appreciated. For one, when sputnik was sent out they played Bulgarian spiritual music in space, the ancient Bulgarian language not modern one. Russian is the daughter language of Bulgaria as it uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Maybe that is why Bulgaria could of been a intelligence hub during USSR times. You can hear more examples being used by the band of Two Steps from Hell if you want to relate to the bulgarian folkore.

Do we have space agencies or any leaks of possible responses from outer space on these messages being sent to space? Seems that we send many things to space, celebrities DNA ext.. but we don't know if this is just waste of time or mocking what really is going on. Could be just a show.

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