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Default 4 Children witness "Virgin Mary" at Wulu county (15th June 2013)

This is another example of the Archons finding young children that they can manipulated and feed on ;

Four children and one woman on Thursday witnessed a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wulu County of Lakes State.

A Holy Ghost priest who works at St Peter and Paul's Wulu Parish told Good News Radio on Monday that two of the children who witnessed the apparition belonged to a Catechist and described to him what they saw on top of the tree that afternoon, Good News Radio reported.

Sospeter Kiare said two little girls and a boy, all less than three years of aged , were playing under a tree 50 meters from the compound when the boy began staring up at something on top of the tree.

The other children stopped playing, looked up and saw a person in white clothes. Fr Kiare explained that the first two children began arguing with the girl saying she saw Mary and the boy said it was Jesus The Wulu parish priest said the third girl, who also witnessed the vision, said she saw a very beautiful woman with long hair The fourth child described the person as wearing a long white gown with striped colours at the bottom and a white smoke of cloud under her feet

Fr Kiare said a woman who rushed to the scene also described exactly what the children saw. The little boy, who first saw the vision, was unable to talk but the girl said she saw Mary. The four-year old girl said the woman she saw had brown skin and wore a white clothe and that she was holding something in her hands. The girl added that the vision was moving up and down and later disappeared into the sky like a white smoke.

Fr Kiare said some Christians from the area are already gathering at the apparitions spot to pray. He said the Catholic Church in the area did not yet confirm the vision to be true. The Holy Ghost Fathers were posted to Wulu last year , one of the 12 parishes of Rumbek Catholic Diocese.

(Again we see the same pattern that the Archons use : Children that are pre-pubescent, that are alone far from their parents. The Archon appears to the child "claiming" that they are either "Mary" or Jesus". and try to instill fear in the children. Whats interesting about this case is that the Archon couldnt maintain the illusion consistently. Notice that one child said that they saw Jesus. then another said they saw "Mary". Then the third claimed that is was a floating lady with white smoke for feet that floated off into the air. To occultists whats happening is that the Archon is having to expend a massive amount of its energy to maintain the illusion. So the Archon must have done the appariiton out of hunger in an attempt to feed on the children's orgone/adrenochrome.)
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