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Default Alice Auma & the Holy Spirit Movement of Uganda.

Quote ;

When you hear about conflicts in Africa, the media doesnt tell you the full picture. Especially when the leaders behind the violence are being controlled by Archons .......

Alice Auma

Alice Auma (1956 – 17 January 2007) was an Acholi spirit-medium who, as the head of the Holy Spirit Movement (HSM), led a millennial rebellion against the Ugandan government forces of President Yoweri Museveni from August 1986 until November 1987. The primary spirit she purportedly channelled was that of a dead army officer called "Lakwena", meaning messenger , which the Acholi believe to be a manifestation of the Christian Holy Spirit. The combined persona of Alice Auma channelling the spirit Lakwena is often referred to as "Alice Lakwena".

Auma was born in 1956. Remaining childless after two marriages, she moved away from her hometown. She eventually converted to Christianity but, on 25 May 1985, she reportedly went insane, unable to either hear or speak, later claiming to have been possessed by the spirit Lakwena . Her father took her to eleven different witches, but none alleviated her condition. Alice claimed Lakwena then guided her to Paraa National Park, where she disappeared for 40 days and returned a spirit-medium , a traditional ethnic religious role. Legend in the later movement holds that on 6 August 1986, Lakwena ordered Auma to stop her work as a diviner and healer, which was pointless in the midst of war, and create a Holy Spirit Movement (HSM) to fight evil and end the bloodshed. This divine mission required the retaking of the capital of Kampala. Auma claimed that Lakwena required that she be possessed by numerous other spirits to achieve its goals . This was unusual in Acholi spirit-behaviour.

After the war, Auma lived in the Ifo refugee camp near Dadaab in northern Kenya for the remainder of her life, and claimed to have been abandoned by the spirits . In November 2004, she was implicated in child trafficking from Gulu to the refugee camp . In 2006, she claimed to have discovered a cure for HIV/AIDS. Auma died on 17 January 2007, after having been sick for about a week with an unknown illness claimed to be HIV/AIDS.

(Note again the connection between Archon agents and child trafficking. what was happening to those children?!..)

Holy Spirit Movement

The Holy Spirit Movement (HSM) was the Ugandan rebel group led by Alice Auma, a spirit-medium who claimed to receive direction from the spirit Lakwena. Alice, an ethnic Acholi, was purportedly directed to form the HSM by Lakwena in August 1986.

In November and December 1986, the HSMF achieved two unexpected victories over government National Resistance Army forces. These victories brought widespread popular support, including among other northern ethnic groups besides the Acholi, and attracted new recruits to the HSM. Much of the popular support was the result of a strict but fair set of guidelines given to followers that governed the relationship of HSM rebels with the populace, which created a positive impression compared to the government or other rebel groups that were often seen to be abusing their military strength.

The Holy Spirit Movement fought as a regular army — taking and controlling territory, as well as holding pitched battles with NRA forces — but had a number of practices that outsiders found bizarre. Spiritual "controllers" were integrated into each unit . Along with duties such as tending to Alice Auma while she was possessed, they smeared blessed oil on combatants that was supposed to stop bullets if the combatant's soul was pure .
Stones were blessed so they would explode like grenades, and combatants walked into combat in cross-shaped formations while singing hymns . While the HSM suffered a number of horrific defeats, particularly when defending, NRA soldiers had machine guns to fire upon the hymn-singing formations walking towards them, these methods were, according to some accounts, surprisingly effective. After suffering a series of defeats, the shaken HSM was decisively defeated fifty miles from Kampala in a forest battle in which the NRA used overwhelming artillery support in late November 1987.


The history behind Alice is quite horrific enough without the war. However what we have here is the Archon Lakwena using Alice as a proxy to manipulate a large section of the Ugandan population into extreme violence and war. The Archon Lakwena knew how to manipulate the population to maximize the violence (hence more adrenochrome and orgone). And again the same pattern of using Christian beliefs to further its feeding patterns.

I remember has a kid seeing the TV reports about this conflict, and at no time did the media say anything about Lakwena . Nothing. Again this is another pattern in that the global media purposely ignores these types of conflict involving Archon activity.
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