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Default The Nsimalen Apparitions (13th May 1986)

Another disturbing case where children are targeted by the Archons ;

Quote ;

Its not just child abuse that the Vatican covers up. I have been trawling through a website called The Miracle Hunter, and from their research the Catholic church covers up just as many apparitions as it approves due to bizarre theology. But it could be a more disturbing reason in that it doesnt want to draw attention to their Archon masters work......

The Nsimalen Apparitions

On Tuesday May 13th 1986, towards the early afternoon hours, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared on a tree in Nsimalen, surrounded by Winged Creatures(Angels). The first to witness this Divine apparition were three little girls among whom was one dumb/deaf from birth. Later school children inbetween the aged of 7-10 years who were playing around the Lawn of the Catholic School compound began seeing Her as well.

The seers described that the Sparkling Beautiful Immaculate Spotless White Lady had a normal height, and was dressed in a dazzling Cream White Gown, with a Blue Ribbon round Her Waist. Her Hands were clinged together towards Her Chest, as a sign of deep prayer, while a White Rosary hung around Her Left Wrist, and Her Hair was covered with a White Veil.

The young seers were all frightened at this Sight, and as the news spread wider than wild fire, they began throwing stones at Immaculate White Lady and her companion. At once, the Lady threw a stern but soft smiling glance at the confused children turned Her back at them, and departed towards the forest with all those who were with Her.

She crossed the forest paths to the marshy area of the parish, went and stood at the top of an open space, inbetween two branches of a giant tree called Akondock in the Beti language, where She stayed there for nine consecutive days.

During these nine days, She made herself visible to all those who had heard the news and had come to confirm with their eyes.

Many strange things began happening from the third day of Her stay in that area . The soil became brighter, leaves died, branches and roots of trees were covered with lights as that of the stars. Many people repented, the sick were healed of their infirmities, and even the little girl who was born deaf and dumb regain her hearing and speech.

So many miraculous signs were being manifested, and till dates, pilgrims who go there with their different worries and troubles testify of their relieve at the apparition site.

Some young girls became messengers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and were transmitting her messages to the people. As time went on, many prayer groups have been created there and many messengers arose from the groups, and are still there till date.


so again we see the same patterns again ; young children targeted(pre pubescent). they are made to see a vision of the "Virgin Holy Mary". and the children are made to feel frightened so that it raise the Adrenochrome in their bodies. Notice also that they describe supposed "angels" as winged creatures. So we know that they are non human entities preying on the child's ignorance.

Also the disturbing thing is, that this is still an ongoing situation. Those kids are grown up and are still being used by the archons to get access to children for feeding.......

End of quote.
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