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Default Archon victim Mary of Jesus of Ágreda (1602-1665)

This one has UFO permutations to it....;

Quote ;

This is quite a telling case in that the Archons are starting to manipulate events on a global level through the operations of the Vatican to push their own Archon Agenda. One of the place names will ring heavy alarm bells for UFO researchers and suggests that the Archons were in that southern part of America long before any human was present......

Mary of Jesus of Ágreda (Spanish: María de Jesús), OIC, also known as the Abbess of Ágreda (2 April 1602 – 24 May 1665), was a Franciscan abbess and spiritual writer, known especially for her extensive correspondence with King Philip IV of Spain and reports of her bilocation between Spain and its colonies in New Spain. She was a noted mystic of her era.

A member of the Order of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Conceptionists, Mary of Jesus wrote fourteen books, including a series of revelations about the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her bilocation activity is said to have occurred between her cloistered monastery in rural Spain and the Jumano Indians of central New Mexico and West Texas, and inspired many Franciscan missionaries in the New World. In popular culture since the 17th century, she has been dubbed the Lady in Blue and the Blue Nun, after the color of her order's habit.

Mary of Jesus' biographer and contemporary, the bishop José Jiménez y Samaniego, was a longtime friend of the Coronel family, and testified that even as a young girl Mary was filled with divine knowledge. From her early years, he wrote, she had ecstasies and visions in which she felt that God was instructing her about the sinfulness of the world , a conviction which would last throughout her life.

(First point of note ; Was José Jiménez y Samaniego's interest in her healthy?!...... Was he coaching her? If not why would a supposed divine entity of God choose a 4 year old girl and indoctrinate her into believing the wolrd was "sinful"?! Going by previous patterns, theArchon behind this would have filled the child with horrific visions to increase the fear in her so that Adrenochrome was produced in her body. To feed on.)

Throughout her life, Mary of Jesus was inclined to the "internal prayer" or "quiet prayer". Like her countrywoman Teresa of Avila a generation earlier, these prayerful experiences led to religious ecstasies, including reported accounts of levitation As this form of prayer was practiced frequently among women, the Inquisition kept a watchful eye on those who advocated the practice.

(Again we see the same pattern. The Archons induced the levitation to examine her and probably to feed on her Adrenochrome under the guise of religious "ecstacies".)

The Mystical City of God, the biography of Mary, is now frequently studied in college and university programs of Spanish language and culture, for its contribution to Baroque literature. Written in elegant Spanish, it relates both terrestrial and spiritual details, many either not known or not totally accepted at the time These included the way the earth looks from the space (contained in her unpublished 17th Century "Tratado de rendondez de la Tierra"); the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary, the Assumption of Mary, the duties of Michael the Archangel and Gabriel the Archangel; and meticulous detail on the childhood of Jesus. Other details that Mary related concerned Christ's Passion, Resurrection and Ascension.

(Here we see the Archons giving away their true nature ; Why would the Archons want her to know how the planet looked like from space?! The the St Michael reference suggesting the transmission came from the St Michael laden Apollo/Athena leyline)

Between 1620 and 1623, Mary of Jesus reported that she was often transported by the aid of the angels to settlements of a people called Jumanos. The Jumano Indians of New Spain (what is today Texas and New Mexico) had long been requesting missionaries, possibly hoping for protection from the Apaches. Eventually a mission led by the Franciscan Friar Juan de Salas visited them in 1629. The abbess reported further but less frequent visits afterwards, all while she physically remained in the monastery at Ágreda They thus are considered bilocations, an event where a person is, or seems to be, in two places at the same time. Before sending the friars, Father Alonzo de Benavides, Custodian of New Mexico, asked the natives why they were so eager to be baptized. They said they had been visited by a Lady in Blue who had told them to ask the fathers for help, pointing to a painting of a nun in a blue habit and saying she was dressed like that but was a beautiful young girl The Jumanos visiting Isleta indicated that the Lady in Blue had visited them in the area now known as the Salinas National Monument south of modern-day Mountainair, New Mexico, about 65 miles south of Albuquerque At the same time, Fray Esteban de Perea brought Benavides an inquiry from Sor María's confessor in Spain asking whether there was any evidence that she had visited the Jumanos. As reports of Mary's mystical excursions to the New World proliferated, the Inquisition took notice, although she was not proceeded against with severity, perhaps because of her long written relationship with the Spanish king.

( This is where it gets interesting; What were the Archons doing in Albuquerque New Mexico?! The same Albuquerque New Mexico where the supposed UFO base is. Why did the Archons feel the need to manipulate the church to get them to travel to the indians in that area? Also was this the first contact between the Archons and the greys in the 1600's? A lot of permutations that suggest horrific possibilities.)
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