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Default 500,000 requests for exorcism in Italy.

Italy is an Archon stronghold. they are now selling the "need" for over 500,000 exorcisms this year.

Quote ;

Italy is a stronghold and base of operations for the Archons.

And they have been able to maintain that foothold in Italy for so long because of the incompetence and ignorance of the Vatican and the Catholic Church in Italy. There is a symbiotic/parasitical relationship between the Vatican and the Archons. One feeds the other. And the Archon keeps its feeding patterns maintained by enforcing the outdated belief system of the Catholic Church with fake miracles, apparitons and Stigmata

And then we have this news; Italy is going to have about 500,000 requests for Exorcism this year :

The number of exorcisms in Italy has tripled recently, with experts predicting that around 500,000 requests are made a year . These figures emerged at a conference for exorcists taking place this week in Sicily, which also discussed the need for more priests - and better training - for those tasked with liberating people from demonic possession. “All the people who come to us suffer, but they are many and we are few,” Fr Paolo Carlin, a Capuchin Friar and spokesman for the International Association for Exorcists told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. The exorcists event in Palermo this week takes place a couple of months before a similar gathering from 16 to 21 April in Rome at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum Institute Among the speakers at that event will be Father Cesare Truqui, a student of Fr Gabriel Amorth, the world’s best known exorcist.

Awkward questions:

What if it is the case that the Vatican doesnt want well trained exorcists? What if its the case that they want them to fail and become a food for the Archons?

By maintaining these episodes of Archon induced "possession", this keeps their belief system alive, it keeps the Vatican in a position of authority over a superstitious population , and the Archons have a steady supply of food to feed on.

Most of the Vatican staff/clergy have little to no experience with the occult (and those that do keep it well hidden...), and the training that they have isnt up to the job. A couple of experienced Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn students could give them the proper techniques & rituals they need to engage the Archons. But the horrible thing is...the Vatican doesnt want that.


We are about to see a wave of bizarre and disturbing phenomena manifest in Italy over the coming years. And because the Archons have had centuries to refine their techniques its going to be something that hasnt been experienced in Europe since Biblical times. If you have friends or family in cities like Rome, Assisi, and Bologna, buy them a copy of Israel Regardie's The Golden Dawn

They are going to need it
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