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Default The Knock Shrine apparitions. Ireland (1879-2018)

The Knock Shrine in Ireland has all sorts of nonsense surrounding it ;

Quote ;

And so the Archons chose another poor country with supserstitious people that could be easily manipulated; Knock, County Mayo Ireland 1879 ;

The evening of Thursday, 21 August 1879, was a very wet night. At about 8 o'clock the rain beat down in driving sheets when Mary Beirne, a girl of the village, accompanying the priest's housekeeper, Mary McLoughlin, home, stopped suddenly as she came in sight of the gable of the little church. There she saw standing a little out from the gable, were three life-size figures She ran home to tell her parents and soon others from the village had gathered. The witnesses stated they saw an apparition of Our Lady, Saint Joseph, and Saint John the Evangelist at the south gable end of the local small parish church, the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Behind them and a little to the left of Saint John was a plain altar. On the altar was a cross and a lamb (a traditional image of Jesus), with adoring angels. A farmer, about half a mile away from the scene, later described what he saw as a large globe of golden light above and around, the gable, circular in appearance For nearly two hours a group that fluctuated between two and perhaps as many as twenty-five stood or knelt gazing at the figures as rain lashed them in the gathering darkness.

(Again we see the same pattern the young child is targetted by the entity, who frightens the child. Then the parents and adults come and are made to wittness a UFO sighting dressed up as a "miracle".)

(Also again considering what we now know about the Catholic church in Ireland being up to its necks in Satanic Ritual Abuse , child and baby rape, and the covering up of infanticide , the Archons clearly dont care about what institutions they affiliate with as long as they can get access to a poorly educated audience that they can manipulate.)

Also ever the opportunist, the Irish Catholic Church went to work for the Archons and proceeded to build a major complex at the site for the Archons to get access to a wider audience ;

The complex incorporates five churches including the Apparition Chapel, Parish Church and Basilica, a Religious Books’ Centre, Caravan and Camping Park, Knock Museum, Café le Chéile and Knock House Hotel. Services at the Shrine include organised pilgrimages, daily Masses and Confessions, Anointing of the Sick, Counselling Service, Prayer Guidance and Youth Ministry . While the original church still stands, a new Apparition chapel with statues of Our Lady, St Joseph, the Lamb and St John the Evangelist, has been built next to it. Knock Basilica is a separate building showing a tapestry of the apparition.

(Note that they had to build a youth ministry for the Archons to feed on young children going there. It might be of interest if any occult students or practioners could travel there incognito and get a feel for the surrounding area. Also it might be prudent to dowse the area to see if any leylines have manifested in that area.)

Then we have the return of the UFO dressed up as the Miracle of the Sun" in the year 2009;

In October 2009, Knock received national attention when many people reported observing "miraculous" solar phenomena similar to the Miracle of the Sun widely believed to have occurred at the time of the Fatima apparitions. The phenomena had been "prophesied" by self-proclaimed Dublin-based mystic Joe Coleman a few weeks earlier The reports were met with scepticism. Archbishop Michael Neary said such events were "to be regretted rather than encouraged".

When the pilgrims had left the shrine after this event, the manager had to call in industrial cleaners to remove the rubbish left, including spilt food and drink. He also said that he would review whether gatherings would be allowed, citing health and safety issues as one problem.

In December 2009, an ophthalmologist from University Hospital Galway issued a warning that there had been a significant spike in the number of cases of solar retinopathy "all of them linked to events at Knock", with the observed patients having had "a significant reduction in their vision". The reports of people having observed the sun "dancing in the sky" were characterised as merely "sort of a cheap trick" caused by the extremely bright sunlight: "If you stare at the sun for long enough you're going to get some visual disturbances." The warning about the dangers of staring directly at the sun continued: "Not only will you get reduced vision but also a condition called metamorphopsia

Then in June 2017 an Irish Father made the claim that his son had visions whilst in Fatima and that he predicted that there would be an apparition at Knock on the 10th June ;

A video in which it is claimed the Virgin Mary appeared over Ireland this weekend is going viral with almost 700, 000 views in just two days. Crowds had gathered in Knock on Saturday after a 14-year-old Irish lad claimed that the Mother of Christ was to reappear in the town where she is already claimed to have appeared some 138 years ago.

Crowds can be heard exclaiming and thanking God and the Virgin Mary as the sun emerges dazzling from behind the clouds amidst claims that the sun was so bright because it was being caused by a higher power.

Men in the crowd can be heard claiming that the sun is spinning , barely audible over the furore and repetition of the “Hail Mary” from the people gathered.

Devoted worshipers, including many from the travelling community, who are a devoted Catholic ethnicity, gathered at the Knock Shrine on June 10 after a traveller teenager claimed he had visions of the Virgin Mary while at the Fatima Shrine with his family last May. During the visions, the boy was told to expect a reappearance from the Virgin Mary in Knock where she would bless everybody present.

His experience traveled widely through the community via social media, leading to a massive crowd gathering last weekend.

"For two days our son seen Our Lady in Fatima and he seen the visionaries ," the boy’s father explained online.

“The visionary from Medjugorje was speaking to him in Portuguese and [boy's name] was able to understand every word out of her mouth, he got that gift to understand any visionary".

"On the 10th of June we will be going to Knock and whoever wants to come is welcome. Our Lady will appear to [son's name] there."

"What it is, is that Our lady will appear on the ground there to," he said "and she will bless everyone on the ground.

"He won’t be doing it individually – whoever wants to be there at three o’clock Our lady will come down, I can’t say if the three visionaries will be there, but I know Our Lady will be there.

"It’s out there for everybody out there who believes in it and who doesn’t believe in it, but what I am telling here is the truth.

“If you want to be there on 10 June everyone is welcome."

(so again the same pattern a child is targetted by the entity and is told that a "miracle" will happen at the designated shrine for the entity to feed on the pilgrims that gather there.)
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