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Default Archon Psyop : Apparition of the Virgin Mary (Queen of Help) in Dechti

This is the Archons still operating on mainland europe ;

Quote ;

Heres another psyop that follows the same pattern;

1: Children are chosen (because they wont question)

2: They receive horrific visons of heoll and "purgatory" (to produce Adrenchrome to feed the Archon.)

3: They are told to hold prayer meetings so that the Archon can manipulate and feed on the children.

4: They receive "visions" that are of a dubious nature.

There are two bastard Archon "things" in this psyop. The first is calling itself the mother of god (aka the same Mother of the Word from Africa/Rwanda). The second one is calling itself the Queen of "Pompei"(?!) ; This suggests an Archon presence in Roman Pompei? (Also suggests a leyline from Pompei leading all the way up to Slovakia)

The visions/transmissions began in 15th Aug 1995. And have continued ever since.

At least 7 children were targeted by the entites;

The "Queen" entity chose the children (like a diner choosing its dinner). Together they are seven. They are:

• Martin Gavenda (born February 10, 1979), who began his appearance on December 4, 1994

• Mária Gavendová (born on December 21, 1980), who has been listening to the Virgin Mary since September 19, 1995

• Lucia Vadíková (born July 26, 1981), who has been listening to the Virgin Mary since 28 December 1995

• Martina Kalašová (born May 9, 1984), who for the first time saw Virgin Mary and heard 2.5. 1994

• Adriana Kúdelová (born 8 January 1981), who has been listening to the Virgin Mary since 21 May 1996

• Simona Kumpanová (born on January 6, 1982) who listens to the Virgin Mary’s voice since May 21, 1996

• Jozef Danko (born 27 May 1985), who has been listening to the Virgin Mary since May 22, 1996

Martin, Maria and Lucia are to get 10 mysteries, 9 of them have been given, the other children are to get 5 mysteries. Martina, who has already received all secrets, has no daily revelations, other visionaries have daily revelations

(Again the same pattern is here; they are manipulated to pray together for the Archon to feed on them. also the Archon is explicit that they must pray through the "heart". In occult terms this is actually dangerous for a child because it refers to the heart chakra area. So it suggests that particular chakra is a point of entry for the Archon to feed on the children and drain them of their essence and energy.)

Also the Archon is transmitting visions of hell to create fear so that the Adrenochrome is produced in their bodies;

Some of the visionaries had the opportunity to see or, hell and purgatory. Martin describes it as follows:

“It was on the feast of all the saints, and Mary had asked me before, whether I wanted to see hell and purgatory I refused because I was afraid Mary, respected my free will When she asked me again, I told her that I wanted to see it First she showed me hell I can not describe it But I try to get at least how it looked and what I was living The hell was like a big cave of very large size It looked like a gushy sea , it can not be described, such a strange matter, and in that mass or fire the souls were like burning coal – something abominable – gone out of that terrible fear, uncertainty, the souls made terrible animal shrieks, curses … There was great chaos in everything, there was no room, there was no security and I felt a smell of sulfur It was horrible to look at it Now, when I talk about it, I have everything in my sight I was very afraid but I felt the closeness of Our Lady. there’s a lot of souls falling like snow, I can not talk about it anymore , because when I say that, its like I’ve been through it again and it’s terrible … There was a great gap between hell and purgatory. I did not even know how deep or how wide it was, or how long it was. Purgatory looked like a field of gray ash. It was divided into three parts. I saw only a few souls, some were turned to joy. Those were the ones who were waiting for them to go from the purgatory to the light. At least I think. Everything was like a mist. There was a terrible cry and annoyance, praying God for sins. There was also a great gap between purifier and heaven. Our Lady showed me or. I saw a great yellow glow and it seemed to me that it was the gate. There was no door, it was also strange – in space. The crowds of angels welcomed us. They did not have wings, they were tall – adults, they could be 18 years old. It seemed like I was there. When we passed a number of saints, Our Lady showed me a paradise garden. We were still light and light in the light. The beautiful flowers, and all the beauty can not be described. There are no flowers on earth. Even the trees, inexplicably beautiful. Our Lady showed me the middle of the paradise, and there was a pitcher. She did not tell me anything, but it seemed to me that it was the place where she was going to rest, where she was going to pray. It was all very strange. I heard beautiful singing and everywhere there was an endless room. It was something wonderful, and the man did not want to go or go. It can not be uttered … ” The children also had other experiences with the Virgin Mary. I remember one. When she called them to the hill, they were afraid and told of her fear. She encouraged them not to be afraid to go with them, but they would not see it. Signs of her presence will be the butterflies flying around them. When the revelation came to an end, the children went to the village and about 8 butterflies flew around their heads. One of them sat on the hand of Marika. They ran, Marika waving her hand, but the butterfly sat on her arm as if she were glued. As they climbed down the hill to the village, they took the butterfly reflection and left for the Bori?iek.

So again the Archon manipulates the young seer into a hellish vision so that the Archon can feed on the child. Even worse the child suffers to an extent, getting PTSD.

Why would the Virgin Mother Mary give a child PTSD?!

Even worse the Archon forces the children to fast ;

"Fasting (24.4.1996)
Dear children! Today I want to say to you and to invite you to the fast. Children, when you sacrifice and obey this fast, great love comes to you from the Creator. Therefore sacrifice him for the love of the Lord. That’s why I invite you to fast. Accept this invitation. Thank you for accepting the invitation and for being here".

In the occult and ceremonial magick, fasting is done to cleanse the body of impurities. Its also done to raise the vibration in the practioner. However fasting is done here to make it easier for the Archon to feed on the children.

Also the majority of the visions and messages from the entity of of no use in any manner. considering the amount of war and suffering to come you would think a supposed holy angel would give somer sort of warning, but alas nothing.


Again the same pattern , children, fear, visions of hell, an entity manipulating children under the guise of "holiness". Whats also curious is the lack of mainstream media coverage of these things. So it suggests they know what these things are but have been told to keep quiet about them.
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