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Default Our Lady of Kibeho; Archon Psyop

And so we come to the tragedy that is Our Lady of Kibeho ;

Quote ;

What i have tried to do with the Archon Psyop pieces is that their is a line of enquiry showing that something is able to manipulate humans into believing it is an aspect of god and profits from the misery and fear of superstitious Christians.

But this one is a whole new level of misery;

Over the course of the 1980s, the Virgin Mary appeared to three young women, identifying herself as Nyina wa Jambo (Kinyarwanda for “Mother of the Word”), which was synonymous with Umubyeyi W'Imana ("Mother of God"). The teenaged seers reported that the Virgin asked everyone to pray to prevent a terrible war. In the vision of August 19, 1982, they all reported seeing violence, dismembered corpses, and destruction.

The longest series of visions were attributed to Alphonsine Mumureke, who had received the initial vision shortly after her admittance into Kibeho High School in October 1981 after her primary education, and the last on November 28, 1989. Nathalie Mukamazimpaka was the next one to have visions, which lasted from January 1982 to December 3, 1983. These emphasised endless prayer and expiation, with the Virgin even instructing Mukamazimpaka to perform penances through mortification of the flesh. Marie Claire Mukangango, who had initially bullied Mumureke at school because of the visions, herself experienced apparitions which lasted from March 2 to September 15, 1982. The Virgin told Mukangango that people should pray the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows to obtain the favor of repentance.

(It should be noted that Mortification of the Flesh is a Catholic church concept where the person punishes themselves for some vague notion of "penance". So Mukamazimpaka was manipulated to flagellate herself in pain because the archon behind this wanted to feed on her suffering and adrenchrome).

Also the entity id'ed itself as the Mother of the Word. In gematria mother enumerates to 42 ("AMA") /Word enumerates as either 206 or 75.

117 gets you "darkness" 248 gets you Abraham. (aka the nutjob who was told to sacrifice his son, then probably killed his daughter.)

So the Archon Kinyarwanda was revealing its true nature through its title it gave to the girls.

And then we come to the Kibeho massacre 13 years later that was telegraphed by the Archon entity. By using the prayers and energy of the locals the entity was able to set off a chain of events that would lead to the masscre of close to 30,000 refugees; Kibeho itself was the site of two huge massacres: The first at the parish church in April 1994, and the second a year later where more than 5,000 refugees who had taken shelter there were shot by soldiers. Marie Claire Mukangango (one of the girls who saw the apparitions) and her husband were among those killed in the April 1995 massacre.

So the parish church in Kibeho was used as a generator to feed the Archon, that led to the massacre.

(Even worse UN personnel were told to stand back and do nothing. So at a global level the UN knew that something disturbing was going on and allowed it to happen to feed the Archon. Close to 30,000 people were massacred. But this is an estimate. The government wouldnt allow the UN staff to count the dead bodies.)

Then to make it worse the church "approved" devotion to this massacre ; The feast day of Our Lady of Kibeho is November 28, the anniversary of the initial apparition to Alphonsine Mumureke in 1981. So its not bad enough that 30,000 people got massacred now they use it to "celebrate" it. How fucked up is that ?!

Another incredibly sinister aspect of this is that one of the girls who recieved the horrific visions Marie Claire Mukangango, was killed in the massacres in April 1995. So the supposed "mother of the word" couldnt be bothered to protect one of its own visionaries. Or even help her escape.

So again we see the same pattern;

1: Young ignorant children who are chosen and manipulated.

2: They are made to witness terrible visions that induce fear in them (to feed off them and produce adrenchrome)

3: At least one of them dies needlessly for the pleasure of the Archon.

4: The Catholic church appears out of nowhere to claim ownership of the...."miracle" and get the local population to continue to feed the Archon through prayers and rituals under the guise of it being somehow "christian". (Its not)

If we go by previous patterns then a significant leyline runs through Kibeho that no one as picked up on or identified yet. It might be of interest if a trained dowser went to Kibeho and tried to dowse where that leyline is in relation to the Kibeho chapel, and the areas of the Kibeho massacres.

If there are any occult students out there, then we need to start seeing where these apparitions are happening now in the 21st Century and go to where the apparitions are. Then determine if a leyline is there; determine the nature of the supposed visions; and determine if the entity shares any Archon tendencies. Then if it seems that it is an Archon present on the leyline then some sort of ritual banishing should take place to disrupt its presence in the locale.
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