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And so we come to the occult influence of Mount Carmel in Israel which has had an Archon presence going back thousands of years;

Quote ;

And so we come to Mount Carmel itself;

Although the wiki page doesnt go into any detail, Mount Carmel was an area used by followers of Baal/Moloch. As far back as 15th Century BC Carmel was considered "sacred". So there has been an Archon presence on Mount Carmel going back thousands of years.

In ancient Canaanite culture, high places were frequently considered to be "sacred", and Mount Carmel appears to have been no exception; Thutmose III lists a holy headland among his Canaanite territories, and if this equates to Carmel, as Egyptologists such as Maspero believe, then it would indicate that the mountain headland was considered sacred from at least the 15th century BC. According to the Books of Kings, there was an altar to Yahweh on the mountain, which had fallen into ruin by the time of Ahab, but Elijah built a new one. Iamblichus describes Pythagoras visiting the mountain on account of its reputation for sacredness, stating that it was the most holy of all mountains, and access was forbidden to many, while Tacitus states that there was an oracle situated there, which Vespasian visited for a consultation; Tacitus states that there was an altar there, but without any image upon it, and without a temple around it.[

(Also it should be noted that the holy site in question is in alignment with the Apollo/Athena ley line in Europe. So we have an energy ley line that emits from a Baal power-zone that transmits itself along the ley line into mainland Europe.)

Then we come to the issue of "divine fire" at Mount Carmel. The arabs called this area as El-Maharrakah, meaning the burning.

(The Archon entity using the mask of Our Lady of Mount Carmel pushed the concept of her being associated with the hellfire of Purgatory) ;

Since the Middle Ages, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has been related to Purgatory, where souls are purged of sins in the fires. In some images, she is portrayed as accompanied with angels and souls wearing Brown Scapulars, who plead for her mediation. In 1613, the Church forbade images to be made of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel descending into purgatory, due to errors being preached about certain privileges associated with the Brown Scapular

(Its my contention that this is the same concept that was used by the followers of Baal/Moloch. The same fire that Moloch demanded for the sacrifice of children to appease its hunger/feeding.)

So this Archon under the guise of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is openly advertising its "lineage" all the way back to the time of the Cult of Baal and Moloch that stretches way back to 15th Century BC. So these non human entities pre-date the existence of Christianity. And they have known how to openly manipulate us on the psychic level for a very long time.

(Even more sinister, the Archon levelled a village using an earthquake to induce fear in the locals so that they would venerate its illusion of the Lady of Mount Carmel.)

In Palmi, Italy, the anniversary of the earthquake of 1894 is observed annually on 16 November.[15][better source needed] The earthquake had its epicenter in the city. An associated event has been classified as the "miracle of Our Lady of Mount Carmel." For 17 days preceding this earthquake, many of the faithful had reported strange eye movements and changes in the coloring of the face in a statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The local and national press reported these occurrences

In the evening of 16 November, the faithful improvised a procession carrying the statue of the Virgin of Carmel on their shoulders through the streets. When the procession reached the end of the city, a violent earthquake shook the whole district of Palmi,[16] ruining most of the old houses along the way. But, only nine people died out of a population of about 15,000 inhabitants, as almost all of the population had been on the street to watch the procession and were not trapped inside the destroyed buildings. Therefore, the city commemorates the 1894 procession each year, accompanied by firecrackers, lights, and festive stalls

"Only" nine people died. Let that sink in for a moment. This bastard scum Archon destroyed a significant European city and allowed nine people to die, all so that it could be worshipped and "adored" by an ignorant and superstitious populace in Italy. Even today out of fear, Palmi still "celebrates" the historical earthquake and the artificial visions that the Archon engineered to push the belief system of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Also it should be noted that the Catholic Church pushed this horrific tragedy to the people as a "miracle" based on the decree issued September 22, 1895 by the Vatican Chapter. So again we see the Vatican as a vehicle of the Archons maintaining this sinister belief of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that serves no good purpose....

End of quote.

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