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Originally Posted by bsmurph83 View Post
it may be illegal but it isn't unlawful.

if your standing is that of a freeman on the land, then you can grow whatever you want without regard for what the government says, because acts passed into the realm of statute law only apply to 'residents', 'citizens', 'persons', corporations and so forth.

statute law is not real law, only 'colour of law'. it doesn't apply to living men and women.

so go and grow all the weed you like, but before doing so, you might wanna send off your Notice of Standing and Intent to the government so they know in advance none of their bullshit statute laws apply to you.

statute law is admiralty, the law of the seas.

last time i looked, we were on dry land...(common law)
rick has already filed the paperwork. and it has cured.

he is a freeman.

the keeper of the strains dean, been to court twice the judges ended discussion when he asked if this is a common law court.
the second judge dint know what defacto court means,
when dean asked him if this was a defacto court.
what we like to know is how you pull 2 judges bonds. dean asked him to put it in writing,along with his bond number and his oath.
from our understanding a judge has to answer a question when asked.
the first judge said it was a common law court.which it isnt.
the second judge when asked if he agreed with the first judge statement. he wouldnt answer it.
he ended discussion right there.
proceeded to set a judge and jury ...the charges havent even been read into the record,dean did not sign any agreement even under the threat of being held till court date.
we are new to the freeman concept. but are tring to educate ourselfs.
next court appearence is pliminary hearing....what happened to the right of disscussion?
anyone know how to pull judges bonds?
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