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Originally Posted by clint_giles View Post
no you need the oil extract from the plant ,around 3 pounds worth.

the video that rick simpson has on you tube clearly shows how to make it.

the only thing is you need to grow is the plant,without getting busted ,because as you know it is illegal for some strange reason..

this i still have not understood why something that grows naturally from the earth is illegal,yet something that is man made,like alcohol is legal???????????
it may be illegal but it isn't unlawful.

if your standing is that of a freeman on the land, then you can grow whatever you want without regard for what the government says, because acts passed into the realm of statute law only apply to 'residents', 'citizens', 'persons', corporations and so forth.

statute law is not real law, only 'colour of law'. it doesn't apply to living men and women.

so go and grow all the weed you like, but before doing so, you might wanna send off your Notice of Standing and Intent to the government so they know in advance none of their bullshit statute laws apply to you.

statute law is admiralty, the law of the seas.

last time i looked, we were on dry land...(common law)
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