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Originally Posted by grachtengordel View Post
that is wrong, hash is RESIN. any minimal amounts of plant matter that make it through the seive are toleratd but reduce the 'grade' of the hash.

I have made enough hash in my time to know this
agreed dude,but there are many different ways to make "hash"

the resin is the main substance ofcourse but you can constantly press even leaf to make hash.

its been done, ive seen it done.

the hash you speak of is quite like 'JAMACAN GUM"

WHERE YOU CAN LITERALLY roll the hash into a ball after cutting buds all day.

the hash you speak of i think is using the buds,leaf even stock ,well shaken time and time again through a screen,until you do have nothing but resin and small small pieces from the buds. either ways is good.

kinda like scraping a coffee grinder after grinding up buds for weeks,this is "hash"

im my opinion there is only one good Hash in the world,it smokes the best ,tastes the best and is the best.....its called afganny freedom fighter hash(gold seal) and since this damn war in the middle easteven back in 1991 it is only brought to canada now via soldiers or very very lucky conected people. it hash not been the same since......damn i miss the 80's hash was it.
you could not even find any pot smikers here in onatrio ,except fot the was all bottles tokes and hot knife's...but i was a joint guy myself always was

murrocan hash is ok aswell but way to hard. but it fluffs up nice when heated up.

i recently just quit smoking up,after 23 years of everyday smoking ,literally.
half an once a week,easily.

when i was pushing hash,an once a week no problem at all went into my lungs.
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