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Default Vapourizer

I wonder how effective a Vapourizer would be for killing cancer. I bet it would be good for throat or lung cancer, at the very least. Perhaps you'd have to vape a shit load of it and be blasted outta your gourd 24 hrs a day though...which isn't much of an issue for me

They're pretty expensive, but since I can't find weed oil, I might buy one...

How does our vaporizer work?

Our vaporizer works by heating your substances to the exact temperature the *active* chemicals such as marijuana, salvia and many other herbs. For example THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the cannabinoid's like CBN will actually vaporize into a "thin mist" - it does not burn.

This "mist" is the vaporized, active chemicals which are then captured in a small Pyrex glass dome ready to be inhaled via the tube whenever you want to.

Our vaporizers are easy to use; just place some herb onto the small dish and flick your vaporizer "on". Wait a little while for it to begin vaporizing. Once you can see the "mist" swirling around in the glass dome you can begin to inhale the vapor. Use the tube supplied and experience a new and pure herbal buzz.
or, I might make my own! Seems to be several pot forums where people have done so. Check this out
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