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Hi oz,

I'm not sure how it works, but I am guessing that the magnesium clings to the elements in the sea salt and drags it to the bottom of the container.

The ideal ph for the process is 10.78 (I think), which would be obtainable with the lye. However you would need a ph meter or ph testing paper, and you must be careful not to exceed the 10.78 ph value.

The ph of milk of magnesia, I have researched to be 10.5.

I thought no harm in trying the M.O.M. method, but as for if it actually works as in extracting all the elements / minerals from the sea salt I don't know. That's why I asked if there are any brainy ollies on the forum.

I have made my ormus as per Arkansas Ormus Man.

1 cup sea salt.
1 cup milk of magnesia. (original un flavoured only)
12 cups of distilled water.

Dissolve salt in water by stirring very well with wooden spoon until no grains can be seen in the glass jar.

Added the M.O.M. diluted with some distilled water.

Stirred very well for a couple of mins.

Completely cover the jar with cooking foil. (to keep out electro magnetic frequency type stuff)

Leave to settle, away from electronic frequencies / electric appliances.

When settled, syphen off most of the water leaving about 1" of water above the ormus.

To wash :-

Top up again with distilled water, stir / mix very well.

Repeat the washing 3 times in total.

It tastes bland, like nothing.

Magnets applied to the sides of the glass jar are said to improve the process (pulling towards each other).

I added some sacred geometry to the outside of the jar too. (flower of life etc)

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