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Hi els,

Thank you for your concern in your reply.

I tagged this thread with monoatomic gold, so as anyone searching for monotomic will find this thread, and see that there is a milder, more cost effective way of making a similar thing that anyone could make.

I could not afford to buy or make real monoatomic gold, or white powder gold.

What I am thinking, is ormus is not as strong monoatomic gold and comes from natural sources all around us.

If i can create it with just these two ingredients, I would like to have a go at it.

I think that this liquid ormus is more about the minerals contained in it. For example Himalayan pink salt contains around 85 minerals.

Hey, anyone here know the brand of mono type gold is/was advertised on Davids main page? I would like to investigate it. I remember seeing the ad a while ago, and cannot remember the name of it.

I have tweeked the security on my P.C. that much , that I do not see any adverts anywhere.
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