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Originally Posted by jojo View Post
this is his web site

i think the man is a dude. A northern legend. he is a reseacher on what he calls the serpent cult (i call the reptillian overlords who live on the lower 4th)
he goes into energy extraction of the masses and how we are all dumbed down and under some kind of hypnotic trance placed upon us as a collective by the Serpent Cult.
He writes about how events like christmas and new yr, music festivals, the olympics, crap telly and corrupt local and national governments, religions extract our energy and keep us enslaved for many lifetimes. he also speaks about the death process.

well worth reading through his articles on his web site. I would starts in reverse order though if your new to his work as some of the later stuff might be confusing if you have not read his previous works.

this man has his eyes wide open.


I think I'll give him a very wide berth.

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