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We are watching more than the CIA. All the areas with red and blue painted curbs are being watched and city areas as well. There is a very heavy network of boots. They are welcome to come get the crooks but, if we see entire neighborhoods being carted away it means instant war. All of the depopulation agendas are being recognized as treason. Ham radios with enough power to bleed across the entire band will be singing and it will mean instant war. If the NWO raises its head we will wipe it out and hold all politicians past and present accountable.

This is on a need to know for the public. Rockets are to slow we will go beyond nuclear war. We let them act like asses over the gun issue because guns are not going to be used if we observe this type of treason. We will go to the weapons we were reserving for the fake alien invasion. They are good to go though several wars. They more or less never wear out.
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