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Originally Posted by tommorgan View Post
I treat the books as text books so all I expect from a new David Icke book is an updated version of the existing information and some additional information relating to what has transpired between now and the previous publication. If you want different content read the 9/11 expose Alice in Wonderland and the WTC Disaster or read And The Truth Shall Set You Free for information pertaining to the major historical events of the twentieth century.

Children of the Matrix expands upon the content introduced in The Biggest Secret. In particular there is a lot of additional information and speculation in it about the reptilians. I strongly disagree that it is a retread.
Funny was thinking I should read alice in wonderland as never read it, ive read quit e alot of his books but in the and the truth shall set you free he was talking about this energy out in the universe that was coming and he was going to expand on it in future books but he never did, on david icke debunked by that nutter christian scientist guy, forget his name, but in the truth shall set you free ickes just taking occult theorys from Helena Blavatsky, its the exact same stuff first time I actually questioned icke, I let him off though hell be glad to know lol

Also agree the biggest secret is very different from children of the matrix, children of the matrix is all reptillians, first one I read, head was fucked for weeks lol

So how does this phantom self compare to say the perception deception?? which I really liked but dont want to be rehashing things again, I mean I was hoping it was going to be more along the lines of infinite love is the only truth, so it isnt then no??
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