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Default new era of energy politics

Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
Its not for the common good of man thats clear, its for profit first or so it appears...
Perhaps a big part of why Iceland has been able to bounce back from the economic attack is that it has its own independent energy supplies (predominantly Geothermal).

I think that what we are seeing at the moment in the UK is a war over the resources of the residents by the big players in Energy technology. The aging coal-fired power stations are the remnants of our own British technology that Thatcher deliberately wrecked. We could import gas from Russia, but the Americans won't like this. The Nuclear technology is predominantly French, but the Japanese also have a lot of expertise. The Renewables German, although a lot of Solar PV panels come from China.

It's interesting that having been pro-Europe for so long, there is now suddenly an anti stance from the likes of Cameron (with a controlled opposition in the form of Farage). When they talk about "Energy Independence" and "Energy Security" that's the last thing they want the people to have.

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