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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
Whats ironic for me is i was very much against religion and thought spirituality just as hypocritical.. It was with the help of Icke that made me see the truth in the message from the worlds religions and spirituality in general.... I was always into alternative history, aliens and bankster scams and such.. but if there is one thing i can thank DI for is bringing me closer to the truth which=god.

The one thing i disagree with Icke is religion wasn't created to control the masses by TPTB but was hijacked by them like any "truth" movement will be.
I can relate to that anology H2, it has been hijacked and shoved down our necks until we were made to believe, if you were a non believer it was curtains, this is not spirituality it is stupidity and creates conflict like it is designed to.

I have just had debate put to me that I know it all, when my profile shows I clearly don't, this is the segregating psyche that believes and gets annoyed when someone doesn't, if that makes sense, sort of like talking at you but not with you on your thoughts.

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