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Originally Posted by bikerdruid View Post
ah, so he is stupid, then?
imo you're not being realistic in how you perceive other people and their behaviours

From my perspective it makes perfect sense why a guy like alex jones who sees himself as a 'conservative' (which is to say he wants to preserve things the way he likes them) would strongly want to avoid a president taking power who would support the disarming of the US public, support israeli influence on US politics (which means US soldiers being dragged into more wars) and support the influx of various people into the US who do not share the same values as Alex

makes total sense to me

Probably because i respect people and their right to not have massive changes imposed on them without any democratic say in the matter

How about you mr you believe people have a right to not have massive changes imposed on them without having any democratic say or do you think that mr bikerdruids worldview should just be imposed on everyone else and their views be damned?

For example do you think Alex and others in the US should have a say on who is allowed into their country?

But before you answer that you might be intersted to watch this clip of a US government official showing a total lack of knowledge or it would appear even interest in knowing who is coming and going from the US:

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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