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Greetings Members of the David Icke forums.

I have been trying to contact Mr Icke regarding several findings that will back up his theory regarding reptilian beings? It all started when i looked into the Kumburgaz UFO incidents of 2007 to 2009 captured on video by Security Guard Yalcin Yalman.
Most of you will know about the beings that were filmed aboard these UFO's namely the greys? But there was also something else aboard those craft namely 6 foot preying mantis looking creatures. After enhancing the videos and still images of the occupants we managed to get a good shot of one of these mantis beings?
The creature has at least 4 arms a large forked tongue with 2 canine teeth like bones on the end of the forks of the tongue the skin colour of the creature is green with red circular pattern around the eyes the eyes themselves resemble those of a chameleon.

These mantis creatures are more reptilian than insect and appear to be in charge over the greys aboard the ship.

Now here is the strange bit if that wasn't strange enough the lunar orbiter images i have looked through and enhanced i have found the very same creature on the surface of the moon???? Along with a whole host of vehicles and humanoids. NASA have used a whitening technique to hide or mask vehicles and humanoids once we realized what they had done we got to work undoing their airbrushing and the results have been mind blowing.

If Mr Icke happens to read this you can find me and my researchers at


Michael. Ian. Black
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