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The civil war changed the US Constitution. The original constitution was the US Constitution for the United States.
The Constitution for the United States remains unchanged by any event in history. The civil war may have given the illusion of change, but in reality, it changed nothing. The Bill of Rights is not even mentioned in Constitution, however, since want to go there, it is the 9th amendment that states rights not enumerated in the Constitution are retained by the people:


9th Amendment

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

The United States is the State above all states.
That's what they'd like you to think. Go look on any United States of America (USA) passport and you'll see that "United States" is not mentioned as a State from which the passport was issued therefore all USA passports are illegal under the U.S. Constitution. As Eustace Mullins (embolded below) once said:

Eustace Mullins:

"Each American citizen is a citizen of a State of the United States. That State is a signer of the compact of the States which is the Constitution, and which forms the United States of America. There is no provision for "the United States" to take direct action concerning any citizen of the United States, because the United States have no people and no citizens. Only the States have citizens. "

If you compare USA passports to Mexico passports and you'll see the difference. Mexico passports are issued by the State and it states right on the passport itself the state from which it was issued. But not for USA passports. USA passports DO NOT say which state it was issued, which makes them illegal under the U.S. Constitution.

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