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Lightbulb Social Security Administration Deny The Prepaid Society of 1933!!!

The civil war changed the US Constitution. The original constitution was the US Constitution for the United States. The people's right was protected by the bill of rights that contains in article. Article 13 prohibit taken a title of nobility.

The amendment didn't come until after the civil war. The amendments were the rights to the states. The new constitution is the Constitution of (belong) to the United States. That means the constitution was a property of the corporate United States. If it is property which is inferior, the United States is not bound to it.

Since the government confiscate gold coins, there was no way to tender payment of debt. The United States is the State above all states. A state is a corporation. All states are subsidiary of the United States. It is a lie that US doesn't have to put out gold and silver coins as tender in payment of debt. Since gold and silver coins were taken out of the system, Public Law 73-10 gave the remedy. The remedy is that the government will pay all bills.

The Social Security Administration Act of 1935 came to deny the prepaid society of 1933. It creates a trust and trustee relationship in billing. The trustee or the agent is responsible to administer the prepaid society of 1933.

The person is body politics and corporate which is government. So they put you inside the person. If you are inside the person, you supposed to be administering the prepaid society of 1933. Since you don't have access to the accounts, you ended up digging out of your own pockets. That is how they got around the prepaid society of 1933.

In criminal and civil action, it is center around the Social Security Account which is the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Patriots thinking that this is the corporation. It is not the corporation but the Social Security Account.

What happen is that the state (body politics and corporate) received certain benefits because the corporate officer order the merchandise.
The corporate officer pays out of the social security account. The omission is causing the problem of paying out of the social security account. The State is the executor.

So they add the funds into the account and go after the agent or actor which is the Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Joe Job) for reimbursement. It is like a credit card account. The dispute is whether or not the corporate officer order the transaction and the corporation received the merchandise. If it is proven in court that the corporate officer didn't order it and the corporation didn't receive it, then the agent doesn't have to reimburse the state. It will be covered by the state's insurance. The defenses and the not guilty verdict means the state's insurance cover the reimbursement. If a guilty verdict, it means the actor must reimburse or face imprisonment.

The con is to claim these names belong to you. Each name has a purpose in the legal society. For medical stuff like sex acts and drugs, the medical license gives the right to receive insurance payment. What happen is that when you don't have a license and the account receive social security insurance payment, then the state can demand the actor to pay back for insurance benefit. That is one way the crime is happening.

A second way is the person administer the wrong payment on purpose. The state is restoring the trust account principal and go after the actor to reimbursement for the state administering the trust.

The third way is through corporate bond. The proceeds from the corporate bond is put into the corporate account. The actor must pay back the bond.

JOE GO JOB- This name is also the name of the child. In child pornography cases, this name appears because it involves the child. This name is used in capital murder court cases.

JOE G. JOB- This is the US Citizen. This name appears in the I-9 INS form and the IRS 1040 form. This name is used as the authorized representative payee of the Social Security Administration. The US Citizen is a vessel of the United States. This name is used for admiralty transaction. This account deals with direct deposit.

JOE JOB- This name refers to the individual which is a corporation. This name is the one that is the member of the KKK. The South Dakota statutes reveals the corporate bonds in the definition page. This name may be involve with corporate bonds.

Joe Go Job-Debtor in bankruptcy. It is the prepaid society account. The One Catholic Church has this account.

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