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Here's a disturbing thought: genetically manipulating people so that they produce their own rfid chips in every cell. i.e. a nano-chip next to your mitochondria.

If you could cause a growth with a high concentration of copper and selenium to form... it's not at all impossible. There's a lot of iron, for example, running through our blood already.

Oh yes, as to that Juggernaut thing. Christians are conditioned to never, ever take that mark, so this might provide a convenient pretext to get rid of Christians (the disposal of the members of the worldwide ecumenical superchurch which doesn't really exist yet is also prophesied, if they knew how to read it).

I'm not taking it either. OMDB

NOTICE: the editing of the foregoing post, for the purpose of casting the writer in a negative light, will be acted upon by the universe as a crime against Ø.
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