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The ways they will "sell" the chip will probably include:
security for your car; only you (or an approved list) can start it
security for your computer; only you can turn it on/access files
security for your home

In other words, fear-driven sales, like insurance.

Some of the prototypes have already been used in this way.

And they make it fun, hip, and cool! There's a night club in Spain, (Barcelona, I think) that chips their patrons for the convenience of not having to swipe their credit cards whenever they buy a drink. Just wave your hand over the scanner and it automatically debits your account!

But I think the biggest sales will come when they make a chip that imparts to the implantee greater employability, i.e., a chip that, with a little training, can manipulate some "future" technology, probably computer related. If people can make more money from getting chipped, then the lines will go around the block to get one. Especially if they continue to manipulate the economy to the point that, just to be able to make ends barely meet, you'll have to have one, like owning a car in a major city.

Sweet Cheeks, I don't think these things actually have batteries in them. The power comes from the scanner, energizing the chip by induction. If they had batteries, then at some point they would have to be replaced.
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