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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Your so-called "evidence" that John McCain didn't cause the disaster is that because the official story claims that McCain didn't do it, he didn't.
No its because I looked at the evidence - because I can actually interperate images and facts and dont need someone to tell me what to think - something you have failed to do - Because you believe any half arsed story that fits your agenda

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
So far you haven't provide a shred of evidence that the official story that McCain didn't cause the disaster of the USS Forestal is true.!

I have repeatedly shown you the flight deck footage that shows the aircraft positions - this proves conclusively that Mcain couldn't have caused it by wet starting - It also proves he didn't wet start deliberately to scare the guy behind

Standard procedures also demonstrate this point - but people make mistakes so that's not a certainty
The fact you have repeatedly refused to look at those images and insist it was a wet start - doesn't mean no proofs been presented it just means you refuse to accept evidence

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I don't choose sides for non-Western backed terrorists.

No but you sure as shit are eager to attack western actions - Take the Yemen - which you keep claiming is a UK operation that its all UK fault - which is crap -

you keep pointing out the Genocide and famine induced by Saudi tactics - and you are right to do so - Yet despite your claims to being impartial you refuse to acknowledge there are warcrimes allegations against both sides - It rather appears that you only care about victims if they are victims of the side you dont like
Ive condemned both sides and pointed out both sides are under investigations

Which is why a I assume you say this

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post

You're a liar that defends genocide, racism and Zionism...
I often use "mainstream" sources to back up my stories by the way (although more often than not I reach different conclusions)!
That's absolute Bullshit

Find one example where ive defended racism
Find one example ive supported Genocide
Find one (real) example where ive supported Zionism - and I mean real pointing out Hamas are as bad as the Israelis - or believing the holocaust happen doesn't make me a Zionist or even a supporter of Israel

- In fact ive made plenty of posts condemning Israeli actions especially land grabs and punishment destruction of homes ( Which I called a war crime) Ive also condemned the use of WP from artillery in urban areas as a war crime

In short your claims are absolute bullshit - But since were throwing out accusations

You defend paedophiles, rapists and homophobic white supremicists -
I obviously dont need any evidence - after all YOU didn't.
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