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As someone who almost died of internal bleeding last year, I have some advice for you.

1. Be careful if you chose the left hand path, if you learn about psychic energy draining and how to open the void, you may face some strong enemies who don't want you to explore the dark world. If you are in contact with your inner voice and you lose this inner voice, this means something wrong happened , you have to sit down and relax, take the sunshine and ask for divine light in your heart and your spirit.

2.When you will first discover your consciousness, your spirit will automatically get a 'shitload' of information all packed together. Don't worry, everything you've learned and seen in your present life will be connected with these information. Your natural instinct and your senses will send you on different kind of learning to decode this information, once you learn how this is working, you get totally addicted and wants more, this is how it's getting interesting. Be curious, develop a passion about learning.

3.If you used any kind of substance to be connected, because you needed this to get a 'boost' of concentration in a way to find the good frequencies, your inner voice will advice you that you don't need this anymore, you should stop as soon as possible.

4.Be careful of social media such as facebook and youtube, you may end up getting negative energies directly from corrupted minds, this is not good for you as a learner. We are all connected collectively and some people does not agree about your existence.

5.Learn a little bit about everything concerning science, physics, astrology, history, mythology, philosophy and music, these are all related to spirituality, I don't ask you to do a deep knowledge of everything, the more information you get, the more keys you get.

6.Always think positively, balance the Yin and the Yang, never let your dark desires take over you. Keep your body healthy, it will help you to stay positive as much as possible.

7.Beware that evil and madness want you to stay at home, watching tv, eating fastfood, smoking cigarets, taking hard use of alcohol and drugs. Do everything possible to avoid this kind of lifestyle. Go outside and take the good sunlight, look at the stars at night, always watch for a sign, be prepared.

I wish you all a good luck. Peace and love.
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