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Default Welcome to the Ghettos of America (Google Maps)

I have been in all these Hoods, they are all close to wear I live...Middle (North East Coast)

There are Hood's all over this country but you will see in the pics that some are alot worse then others. Some factors to include are Decay, Drug Spots, Infrastructure (failure), Murder Rate, Ect. It could be anywhere from Trailer Parks, Ghettos, The Slum or just areas that lost manufacturing jobs and the town went under in only a few years.

Im going to start local since I been thru these area's and seen all the Projects with my own eyes this week, i was out here and just wanted to show yall & what it is like...

WARNING: Wilmington has higher violent crime rates than Trenton, Camden, and Compton, CA. ...

Wilmington Delaware (A place to be somebody)


South bridge

(North Side) Market Street

Wild West Side ops:

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