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Originally Posted by henrynorth View Post
If we were meant to eat leaves etc we would have the digestive system of a gorilla with a long caecum to ferment those leaves into fatty acids, much like the four stomachs of a ruminant. ( this is incidentally why cows fall ill on grain based foods because they ferment it into alcohol, rather than essential fatty acids of the Omega 3 variety)

We have a carnivores digestive system, We only started farming 10000 years ago. Before that we were all hunter gatherers. Anyone who didn't eat meat back then probably died in infancy.

Some meat is raised in awful conditions and is not worth eating, but happy grass fed meat that has been slaughtered humanely is one of the best foods you can eat, because it is chock full of good fats.

The one mistake that most vegans do is not to take enough fats/ collagen proteins as part of their diet leading to them having dry and brittle bones, nails etc

Collagen needs Gelatine Gelatine is one of the best sources of hydroxyproline and lysine. You want to avoid looking wrinkly eat gelatin at least once a week.
Sush, don't tell the secret about gelatin! Vegans will hate you for that.
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