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Cancer is a recent disease because people did not generally live past age 40, and cancers usually develop in people who are over 40.

That huge long post was indeed full of a lot of garbage and misinformation.

My favorite was the part that tries to compare 'meat eaters' to 'herbivores' and humans.
It does no such thing, of course, it's actually comparing different Orders of animals to one another.
For example, Carnivora--they do have claws, it's true. And cows do not. Humans have fingernails...this is a trait that they have in common with other PRIMATES...most of which are OMNIVORES, not herbivores, and a few of which are insectivorous (insects are not vegetables).
You know what else doesn't have claws? Pigs.
You know what else DOES have claws? Sloths.

As for Darwin...he was mostly right, there were a few details that we now know he didn't quite get, but that's to be expected.
If you cannot perceive the wonder in the Universe AS IT IS, I feel most sorry for you. There is nothing depressing about the world, and nothing wrong with competition. The world is beautiful. Every part of it.

Religions that focus on the afterlife are invariably the ones that make life HERE hell for other people. I have no real respect for them.

You know what 'Darwinists' have never done? Tortured and killed other people for the 'crime' of not sharing their beliefs. They have also never tried to tell you that you cannot be a vegan. They've only told you it's kind of dumb.

As a trained, experienced psion (psychic) of over 20 years, the idea that not eating meat aids psychic development is bullcrap. All but one of the best psis I know eat meat--one is a vegetarian (not a vegan).

You will probably say that this is different from 'spiritual enlightenment', and I would largely agree, but 'spiritual enlightenment' is a subjective thing, and for you claim you have it, and those who eat meat do not, is the purest proof that you don't have it at all.
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